Cinta Si Wedding Planner


Pelakon : Mira Filzah, Adi Putra

Haa..peminat drama Cinta Si Wedding Planner mesti tak lepaskan peluang mengikuti siri drama tersebut kan. Episod semalam..drama ni dah sampai klimaks tau.Scene yang paling best dan berdebar-debar scene yang kat bawah ni.Kesabaran zara sebagai seorang isteri sedang diuji.Zara seorang isteri yang sabar.Tapi kesabaran Izara Batrisya ada batasnya tau..

Zara:What is going on between us?
If I’m at fault, just tell me so I can fix this

Fariz: Can you leave me in peace?

Zara: Honey if you have problem talk to me.We can solve it together

Fariz: I’m going to bed

Zara: Hold it right there, Fariz Adryan!
Why do you have to run away everytime there is a problem?
Why can’t you just face it?
Yes ours is an arranged marriage. It’s a solid excuse for you to do as you wish
You’re a man, Fariz.Don’t treat me as an excuse.You still can say no.You care  about mama’s feeling, but what about mine?! You rip my heart and stomp on it as u wish and you take care of it when you feel like it.

But sometimes you make me thinking, Fariz Adryan.Are you the right one for me?Are you fit to be my protector?Are you fit to guide me and lead me to heaven?The answer is no, I hate you.I hate you Fariz Adryan!

Okay..kita tunggu episod yang akan datang.

Terima Kasih sudi baca entry ni.


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